Candace Kantz

President and Founder

Candace is an industry pro with over 25 years of experience in advertising. Candace has experience in media buying, but her passion is media planning.  Developing the blueprint for clients to achieve their marketing goals. Media strategy is guided by research about the clients industry, target audience, and the overall organization goals.  The bulk of Candace’s media career was spent at MARC USA with a few years as an Advertising Director on the client side.  Candace’s industry experience includes travel/tourism, gaming, amusement parks, grocery, banking, education, business to business, healthcare, retail, home security, personal injury law, and transportation/aviation. Candace has a passion for the industry and wanted to perfect the advertising experience, so in 2015, decided to launch CSK. With her experience and passion for media planning she wants to help businesses small and large put themselves on the map!