Traditional Advertising

Although digital media is a major part of all campaigns, in most cases traditional media is still needed as part of the marketing funnel.  Most traditional media, such as tv media buying and radio media buying, drives awareness that will aid the lower funnel conversion in digital.


CSK believes in the synergy between traditional and digital media.  We work daily in traditional media buying.  We subscribe to the resources, buying software and have a constant pulse on the marketplace.

TV and Radio Media Buying Are Still Relevant!

With our TV and radio media buying services, we will handle media requests and proposals relating to the bidding process for media slots. With our experience we are also skilled at negotiating added value as part of the Request for Proposal (RFP). 


CSK Advertising is different than most local buying agencies…and also made up of team that has been formally trained in both media planning and buying.  We have been trained by some of the best advertising professionals in the business and we continue to school ourselves in both disciplines.  For clients, the difference is in the quality of the buys.  Least expensive cost is not the only factor in a strong buy.  Price becomes irrelevant if the buy is not reaching your audience at a time when they are most receptive to your product/service.


Based on your budget and advertising needs we also help you decide the right frequency of advertisements and what the right time slots are for your audience. If you’re a local business, you owe it to yourself to choose a media buying professional who knows the area, CSK is that agency. 


If TV and radio isn’t your business’ jam, we can also employ a more ‘boots on the ground’ style of advertising with print advertising like news, billboards, and paid ads. CSK knows the Pittsburgh area better than the competition and is unmatched in our level of service and commitment.

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