Facebook to Meta: What you need to know

Two weeks ago, the tech giant, Facebook, revealed its new company name, Meta, during their Connect conference.  The name change is just the first step in Zuckerberg’s plan to rebrand and reform the overarching brand to reflect the transition into a company that is actively building out the metaverse.  This new chapter allows the corporation to fully encompass their wide variety of offerings and progress past being recognized only as their networking site, Facebook. Over the years Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has acquired a list of top-performing companies which include:



New Chapter

Meta will focus on connecting people and giving them the ability to build community no matter where they are located.  The company will utilize 3D spaces in the metaverse that will allow users to go beyond the imaginable.  Users can expect to see changes in the way they approach:

• Social connections


• Gaming


• Exercise


• Education


• Work


• Commerce



This revamp has been announced amidst backlash from revelations bought to the public eye by the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen. Frances Haugen was a former Facebook engineer who leaked company documents known as the Facebook Files.  The documents exposed the company’s extensive knowledge of the social and mental harms that the platform was causing. The expansion supports Haugen’s claims of Facebook focuses more on profit than people’s safety.  She has no plans of backing down on her fight for justice and even calls for Zuckerberg to step down as CEO.

Even with this, Meta is going to be a leader in the social space for some time to come.  Meta is ready for the future are you ready to build the metaverse together?